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The Legacy Discussion™

Have you taken the time to plan for future generations? We can help:

   - Empower you to make informed decisions

   - Create a legacy for your family or a charity

   - Provide education and valuable resources

   - Navigate the maze of financial options

   - Help you preserve assets and maintain liquidity

Who Will Benefit from your hard-earned assets? The IRS? A charity? Your family? 

Legacy planning is about more than wealth transfer. It involves conversations on family values, long-term care needs, inheritance, and philanthropy. You'll want to maintain your lifestyle throughout your retirement years and avoid becoming a burden to loved ones. With taxes, inflation, medical costs, longevity and market fluctuations there is a lot to consider. We use strategic risk and estate planning processes to create holistic financial plans that help you gain confidence so you are prepared for whatever challenges life throws at you.  

Take control of your assets and direct their future course. 

What are your wishes for your children and grandchildren after you pass on?

Will your estate plan resolve or cause family conflicts?

How would you like to be remembered? 

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